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For a Safe Trip

One of the most important things to keep in mind is not to neglect your personal effects, not to get away from them, not to leave them unattended in a public place and not to bring them when you visit places frequented by many people. Try, as much as possible, to keep your camera in a place that is not visible and difficult to access.


  • Thieves are very smart and are rarely alone. It can even be Women or Children. One of them will ask you for help first, ask you a question, push you or try to distract you in some way while a second person covers your vision of your belongings. The third person will be the one who steals you. Be always vigilant.
  • When you arrive at the airport, take a taxi from a reputable Company or ask for help from a tourism Police. Lock the doors and look at the driver’s face. Also note the plate number. Place valuables under your legs and try to cover them as much as possible so they are not visible.
  • Before entering a site, inquire about the location and its safety.
  • Some sites ask to show your original passport. Keep it in a safe, non-visible place and be careful when removing it.
  • The exchange rate is about 3.35 soles (for US $ 1). A menu costs between 15 and 20 soles.
  • If you go out at night, try to do it with friends. Do not stay alone. Do not accept drinks from strangers.


Peru is a beautiful Country. You will love it more each day you spend there. By traveling to more remote areas, you will discover Andean roads leading to different communities. The Comurenos are very nice. You can ask them to camp near their home for better security. The roosters will wake you up very early to allow you to continue your journey.

Equip your backpack with non-perishable food. They will be useful in some places where you will not be able to buy them. Bring water bottles, cookies, canned goods, dried fruits, candies, packet creams, pasta, energy drinks, teas or any other food that is right for you.


Ask before buying a package. Ask the agency for their licenses, phone number, address and learn about the itinerary, inclusions and exclusions, the number of travelers in your group, costs and any other important details.

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